Answering The 10 Most Asked Questions About Bilstein 5100s for the Nissan Titan

The Quick Guide to Nissan Titan Bilstein 5100s

Anyone looking for new shocks for their Nissan Titan will end up discovering the Bilstein 5100s. For years, they've been a go-to replacement anytime the Titan's stock shocks give out. Even if the stock shocks are in good condition, the Bilstein 5100s are a huge upgrade in right quality.

A quick internet search will return an overwhelming amount of information. Hundreds of forum threads asking the same question fifty different ways. With so much information out there, we wanted to simplify the search.

Who wants to read all of those comments just to answer a simple question? We've done the work for you and answered the most frequently asked question about Bilstein 5100s for the Nissan Titan!

1. What perch should I run my Bilstein 5100's on?

The Nissan Titan Bilstein 5100s are made to be ride height adjustable in the front. This means that the spring seat can be positioned at different heights. This makes the ride height can change anywhere between 0”-2.5”.

If you want to keep your truck at stock height set the Bilstein 5100s to 0”. You may see up to .5” of lift depending on the year of your Titan. If you want some additional lift to the vehicle you can adjust the perch settings up from there.

2. Are the Nissan Titan Bilstein 5100’s a direct installation?

Yes, the 5100’s are a complete bolt-on for your Nissan Titan. Installation does not require any modification or fabrication to the vehicle. Just follow the instructions from Bilstein!

4. Do I need any specialty tools to install the Bilstein 5100s on my Nissan Titan?

The manufacturer will say that your ride quality does not suffer. However, hundreds of Titan owners have found that the ride quality decreases as you raise the perch setting. At the same time plenty of Titan owners say that it still rides better than shock!

6. Can I level my Nissan Titan using Bilstein 5100s

Yes, you will need a specialty tool. In order to property install the 5100s on your Nissan Titan you’ll need a strut spring compressor. Most major auto part retailers will rent this part to you for a refundable deposit. You can get the tool from places like AutoZone, O’Reilly, and Advance Auto.

8. How much will it cost for a shop to install Bilstein 5100s on my Nissan Titan?

No, the rears do not add any lift. They are not adjustable. Any lift will be gained with the front shocks.

Yes you can and there are a number of ways to level your Titan using 5100s. The most popular choice is to set the Bilsteins at the lowest perch setting and install a 1.5” inch leveling kit. There are multiple combinations of perch settings and lift kits that can be used to achieve a level look.

9. How long will it take me to install Bilstein 5100s on my Nissan Titan?

Yes! The Bilstein 5100s are a huge improvement in ride quality compared to the stock shocks. Even the ranchos featured on the Pro-4x models aren’t up to par with these shocks. After going over thousands of reviews we have yet to find someone who preferred the stock shocks over the Bilstein 5100s.

7. Are the Bilstein 5100’s an upgrade over the Nissan Titan’s stock shocks?

If you’re looking to have all 4 shocks installed it will cost between $150 and $200 dollars at your local shop. The fronts can be installed by themselves for around $100-$125.

5. Do the rear Bilstein 5100s add any lift to the Nissan Titan?

As long as you have the equipment you need and follow the instructions provided by Bilstein you can replace the shocks within 3 hours.

The Bilstein 5100s for the Nissan Titan typically retail between $400-$450 for a complete set. Anytime you find a deal under $400 hop on it because it won’t last long!

10. What's the best price for Nissan Titan Bilstein 5100s.

3. Does the ride quality suffer if I move the Nissan Titan Bilstein 5100s above the lowest perch?