Do I need aftermarket brakes for my Titan?

We wish we didn't have to explain why investing in quality brakes is a good idea. Unfortunately, high quality brakes tend to be an afterthought for many. This is the most important safety aspect of your vehicle. Here are some of the best available options for your Nissan Titan brakes.

Types of the brakes?

Modern day vehicles have brakes on all four of the wheels. It is either a wheel or drum type brake which is operated through a hydraulic system. The disc brake system is the preferred one of the current generation because of superior efficiency and stopping power. Whereas the older and smaller vehicles still use the drum type brakes. When you press the brake pedal the whole hydraulic brake circuit works together to stop the vehicle. Most modern vehicles have a dual hydraulic system to make it more efficient and to avoid accidents like skids.

  • Disc Brakes: As we said this is the most modern type of brake system. The disc of the brake is attached to the wheel. A caliper is straddled on the disc and it contains small hydraulic pistons which work by the pressure of the master cylinder. They may aid in performance enhancement.
  • Drum Brakes: In this type of brake system, the break it is shaped like a drum and it attaches to the wheel. A stationary backplate covers its back and it has two curved shoes with friction lining. The shoes can either be two leading shoes or one leading and one trailing shoe. These often face exhaustion when they heat up which could lead to failure.
  • Handbrake/Emergency Brake: This system is also available in all vehicles to provide people with an alternative if the hydraulic system fails to work. This system is attached to the rear wheels of a vehicle. It pulls a cable or a pair of them to stop the vehicle. Vehicles with drum brakes and disc brakes may have different systems for the handbrake.

Brake Modifications:

When you buy your vehicle, you get stock brakes that have been designed by the manufacturer for everyday driving. By upgrading your brakes with an aftermarket set you can get a product with a better lifespan and enhance performance. If you drive a Nissan Titan you should consider upgrading your brakes. Nissan Titan brake upgrades are easily available in the market. With so many options out there, we wanted to make finding the best products easy

Why do people go for brake upgrades?

  • The very simple answer to this question is to enhance the performance of the brakes. Generally, people who drive trucks and SUVs feel that they aren’t getting the best performance from their factory brakes. Upgrading the brake often becomes a necessity as it adds a dimension of safety to your vehicle.
  • Drivers may also want to add power upgrades to their vehicle. In such circumstances, the normal brakes provided by the vehicle company won’t last for long. They will wear down quickly increasing the probability of a brake failure or an accident.

In any case, it is important to do your research when deciding to modify the brake system. There is a wealth of instructional videos and tutorials online. If you’re unsure about any part of the installation process, go to a professional. Find a mechanic you can trust. Incorrectly installing the brakes could lead to fatal consequences.

What are brake pads?

Brake pads are an important part of the brake system on your vehicle. They apply pressure and friction on the brake. This helps in slowing them down and also makes them stop. Modifying your Nissan Titan brake pads is simple way to increase performance. Brake pads made of glass and rubber are quite popular. But they do not perform very well in trucks and SUVs. We suggest going for ceramic brake pads which can endure more and handle more stress on the road. They are highly resistant to brake fades and perform well if you drive for long periods.

If you are currently driving a Nissan Titan then you will find no shortage of brake upgrades in the market. Check with a licensed mechanic or auto parts store before upgrading a key component like the brake system. You need to be sure that the product is supported by your model and that you won’t run into any problems.