How to Adjust the Headlights on Your Nissan Titan

Although the Nissan Titan has a long history of being a hard-working truck that can get the job done, there is one adjustment that some owners have reported needing after a few years of ownership. Being the Titan aficionado’s that we are, we have taken the time to scour forums and other FAQ boards to find out where owners need help and one of the most requested areas of assistance involved headlight adjustment.


When your headlights are not shining in the right direction, the road will often become a dark and scary place. Not just for you, the Titan driver, but for all other drivers on the road as well. If you are tired of feeling like you are blinding all other drivers or lighting up the side of the road, let us show you how to adjust your Titan model’s headlights quickly and easily.


 Phillips-Head Screwdriver
 Torx Wrench
 Garage door or wall with 25 ft of clearance  Tape Measure
 Masking Tape
 Level Ground


Before you get started on this manual adjustment be sure to check your Nissan Titan owner’s manual for the location of the headlight vertical and horizontal adjusting screws (Be sure that you are not mixing up these adjustment screws with the screws that hold these parts in place).
1) Pull your full-size Nissan truck onto a level surface: In front of a garage door or a wall with more than 20 feet of space, be sure that your headlights are facing either the door or wall.

2) Turn the headlights on low beam: Make three separate markings with the requested masking tape and mark where the low-beams centerlines are appearing on the wall. Be sure to also mark where there is no light in the middle as well to help determine side by side alignment.

3) Back it up: After making one set of markings back this truck up a bit so that your Titan’s front end is at the previously marked 20 to 25-foot line.

4) Check your bright spot: After backing up it is time to begin checking your bright spot. If each headlight’s brightest spot is two inches below and just to the right of the marked horizontal and vertical headlight centerlines, then there are no adjustments needed. If one headlight is pointed upwards or downward, use your screwdriver to turn the horizontal or vertical adjusting screws or both, as needed, to begin positioning them properly.


For those who have a newer Nissan Titan model, you will not have to worry about all these manual adjustments. Instead, just climb behind the wheel and begin using the self-adjusting headlight software. This switch has three settings that allow you to manipulate the height adjustment to assure that your truck’s headlights are always operating at their optimal level.


Now that your headlights are properly aligned, get that beastly Nissan truck back on the road for all the adventures that lie ahead. Be sure to stay tuned to Titan Tutorials to keep your popular Nissan model running at its peak level for years to come.