How To – Fog Light Removal and Replacement

Video Transcript

Hello Everyone, welcome back to Titan Tutorials.

I’m going to show you very quickly how to change out or replace the fog light on your Nissan Titan.

The first thing we need to do is get the wheel well here and there’s going to be this cover that we’ll need to flip out.

We’re going to pull that back. Then the fog light is going to be down here at the bottom. We’ll turn that counter clockwise and the whole fog light will come out. Then it’s just a matter of popping the bulb out from the clip. That bulb is going to pull right off of the plug right there.

Here’s the old one. You can see that it is burnt out and no good. We’ll get our new one and plug it back up. This new plug will fit nicely into the existing plug. You’ll feel it snap into place. Then you just need to put the light back in the housing. Give it a clockwise turn and it’ll be back into place.

That’s it, that how you replace the fog light on your Nissan Titan. This was a basic bulb from Sylvania, which I’ll put in the description if you’d like to use it.