How To Remove Plasti Dip

Hey everyone, welcome back to another Titan Tutorials video.

In this video we are discussing how to get rid of Plasti Dip.

Now Plasti Dip is a great product, a lot of people like to use it to Plasti Dip their rims, Plasti Dip their bumper, some people will Plasti Dip their whole vehicle. But it gets really troublesome to remove.

You can use products like goof off or goo gone to get the Plasti Dip material off but they don’t always do the job 100%.

You’ll notice on this vehicle, there’s still plenty of Plasti Dip here at the bottom, around this bumper grille, here by the tow hooks.

And we have to figure out a way to get rid of that and the usual products just did not work.

So we’re going to try a method that many people swear by, and that is using a good ol fashioned can of WD-40. Some people will say that this is going to melt the Plasti-Dip right off the bumper. We’re going to find out.

We’re going to put a coat of WD-40 over the front of this bumper, leave it for five minutes, and see if it does actually melt the Plasti Dip off like butter.

Hopefully we can wipe it right off. So we’re going to spray the bumper with WD-40 and we’ll come back in 5 minutes to see what happens.

Okay, we’ve let five minutes pass. We put a pretty heavy coat of WD-40 across the bumper where the Plasti Dip material was. There’s some residue that was previously not removed with the goof off or goo gone type products. So we applied the WD-40, and the theory is, the old wives tail is that this will melt off just like butter, we should be able to wipe it right off.

We’ve got a basic white wash cloth here. We’ll put it across the bumper and see if this stuff comes off like people say it will.

Okay, so here’s the deal. It does not melt Plasti Dip off like butter

Does it help? Yeah it obviously does. We got quite a bit of that really old and stubborn Plasti Dip residue removed. And remember this is something that the goof off products would not remove. We’re one step closer to where we want to be but its not this magic potion like people say it is.

What we’re going to do is try again. We’re going to put another coat of WD-40 on here, let it sit for 5 minutes, and come back to see what happens.

Here’s round 2 after we sprayed the second application of WD-40, a pretty thick coat, after the first go around didn’t quite get the results we were hoping for.

We’ve got a clean rag, and we’ll give this a wipe over and see if we get the result that we want.

Okay so after wiping off the second application kind of the same thing that we saw before. Its incrementally better. It got rid of a lot of that Plasti Dip residue, but it didn’t melt it off like butter. So we’re going to do the same thing.

A third round of wd-40, we’ll come back and look at the results and then we’ll line up the results. One, two, and three so you can see how helpful this would be on your own vehicle.

Here it is after wiping off coat number 3. Look, putting WD-40 on your vehicle to get rid of Plasti Dip, is definitely going to help, but its not going to be a silver bullet. Its not going to just melt away as some people have said.

So our conclusion at the end of the day. Definitely worth your time and worth the 8-10 bucks of WD-40. You can tell how much this really helped. We hope you found this video useful and we’ll see you next time for another Titan Tutorials video.