How to Remove the Spare Tire from a Nissan Titan

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Remove the Spare Tire From Your Nissan Titan

You can have a flat tire anywhere at any time without any prior warning. In such scenarios, a spare tire comes in handy. However, if you don’t know how to remove the spare tire, you can end up stranded on the side of the road.

A lot of people will tell a story about their father, or father figure taking them out into the driveway, or pulling over into an empty parking lot. You know what comes next.

They explain how to change out the tire. Where to find the jack, where to place it, how to get the lug nuts off. So on and so forth.

So why do so many people take the time to teach their kids how to do this?

Because it can save lives. Keeps people from being stranded. Empowers folks to take action and fix the problem themselves.

We want to teach you the same thing.

Maintain Your Spare Tire

Your car comes with a compact spare tire. While it is thinner and smaller than the normal truck tires, it can still help you reach your destination where you can get your flat tire fixed.

For this reason, you should regularly inflate the spare tire to the recommended PSI. You should also check the air pressure of the spare tire every time you check the pressure of the other ones.

Nissan Titan – How to Remove the Spare Tire

Removing the spare tire from the Nissan Titan can be a little confusing. Here’s a breakdown of how to do that in different Titan models.

Crew & King Cab Models

Getting the spare tires in both these models is quite easy.

  1. Fold the rear bench seat on the right side
  2. Remove the stopper bag of the tire
  3. Release the straps
  4. Close the jack so that you can remove it from its storage place. Then, using your fingers, loosen the jack until it is free.
  5. Remove both the toolkit and jack
  6. Assemble the jack rod. Then, situate the oval-shaped opening over the license plate. It is a little towards the driver’s side. Pass the jack rod’s end which is t-shaped through the opening. Direct it towards the tire winch which is located above the spare tire.
  7. Now, form a handle by fitting the square end of the rod into the hole of the wheel nut wrench.
  8. Now, place the t-shaped end into the corresponding opening of the tire winch. Keep the rod engaged in the tire winch by applying pressure. Turn the rod anticlockwise to lower the spare.
  9. Once the tire is lowered completely, remove the retainer chain from under the vehicle and slide the tire from under the vehicle.

Single Cab Models

For single cab models, the process is pretty much the same. Only steps 1 and 2 are different. After step 2, you must follow steps 3 to 9 mentioned above.

  1. To access the tools, you need to move the passenger seat.
  2. Now, remove the lid of the tool storage compartment to get the tools needed to loosen the wheel. Like other models, the spare tire in the single cab model is also fixed at the rear.

Models Without a Rear Seat

For these models too, the process is pretty much the same. When compared to the steps of how to remove the spare tire in a crew and king cab models, only step one is different. To get the tools needed, open the rear side passenger door and remove the tool storage compartment list.

To reinstall the tools and jack kit back, simply go in reverse from step 5 to step 1.

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