Why does anyone need mud flaps?

People will say that free advice is worth what you pay for it. Well they’re wrong. Its worth a lot more if it saves you from spending money later on. Here’s our free advice. YOU NEED MUD FLAPS ON YOUR NISSAN TITAN!!!

Mud flaps will protect your truck from the conditions of the roads over time. As mud, dirt, and debris do their damage over time, your Titan could begin to corrode. Your paint could be chipped, which will begin to rust. The frame could be damaged. Would you rather spend a few bucks now or a lot more later? Mud flaps are a fantastic investment!

Reasons to add a cold air intake system to your Nisan Titan  

There are a lot of reasons as to why you need to an aftermarket cold air intake system for your Nisan Titan. We’ve done the research to help find the Nissan Titan air intake system right for you.

Regulation of airflow

A lot of people assume that the cold air intake systems only reduce the temperature of the air. These systems regulate the flow of air. The aftermarket cold air intake systems remove the box that surrounds the main intake zone and instead uses tubes to suck in the air. These tubes are also not large in size with the perfect bends. This is done to provide uninterrupted airflow to the engine.

Increased Overall Performance

The power, speed and the sound of the vehicle can be smoothened drastically. The cold air intake systems are placed only after looking at the configuration of the vehicle. The unwanted noise emanating from the engine is prevented. The temperature of the car is decreased and the internal combustion engine’s power is increased. The horsepower of the vehicle can be increased with an aftermarket cold air intake system. When the horsepower increases, the acceleration also increases. This provides a better driving experience.

Reduced Fuel consumption

The air and fuel must be mixed in the right quantities to produce the required explosion. Due to the lack of availability of flow of air, more gas will be consumed. When more gas is consumed, it is not a good sign for the quality of the vehicle. So, using a cold air intake system, the flow of air is regulated, and fuel mileage will increase.