Nissan Titan B Pipe Install

Nissan Titan B Pipe Video Transcript

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Titan Tutorials. We’re super stoked because in this video we’re going to be installing top of the line B-Pipes from Berk Technologies. We want to give a a huge thank you to Berk for sending these our way.

Berk is the original design for the Nissan Titan high flow cat b-pipes with extended O2 bung locations

With each shipment, Berk includes 4 gaskets and all the hardware you need to complete your install. This saves you about $45 dollars in just gaskets alone

One of the highlights of the Berk B Pipes is the highest quality metal work that is simply unmatched. Berk Technologies uses sanitary TIG welding to deliver a best in class product. They are a full brick and mortar fabrication shop. They own all of their own equipment and they don’t outsource to any 3rd parties which means that they have the ultimate control on what goes out the door.

Take a look at the welds on the extended 02 bungs

Another highlight of Berk Technologies is the proper 10.9 metric hardware that is supplied. They do not use stainless bolts which can get brittle, strip, and shear with heat cycles.

Here you see the extended O2 bung locations made for the Titan fitment and again, take a look at each of these welds, just absolutely perfect. You can run your finger over these and feel just how clean these welds really are. Now that we’ve seen the product let’s get into the install.

Start by removing the 2 front tires and jacking the vehicle up. Now this isn’t necessary but It does get you a little more space to operate.

Next, go ahead and spray all of the existing hardware with PB blaster. There are 6 locations that need to be sprayed down. Where the headers or exhaust manifold meet the B Pipes on both driver and passenger sides, the 3rd and 4th O2 sensors which are the rear O2 sensors, and where the factory b pipes meet the rest of the exhaust. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. You’ll save yourself a lot of headache by spraying these down and letting them set as long as possible.

After letting the PB Blaster set, go ahead and remove the 3rd and 4th O2 sensors with an O2 sensor socket. Don’t forget to disconnect the harness first as this will make it easier to maneuver.

Up towards the front of the vehicle we’ll need to loosen and remove the two bolts connecting the existing Pipe to the headers or exhaust manifold. Now in our case these are 15mm nuts but yours may very well be a different size. Regardless remove those two bolts as well as the existing gasket. Move down the exhaust and do the same to the bolts that connect the existing pipe to the rest of the exhaust. We’re skipping this in the video so you don’t have to watch us remove 8 nuts & bolts for no reason.

Here you see that we’ve gone ahead and installed the new B-Pipes from Berks after removing the old pipe. Place the new supplied gasket in between the flanges and resecure the B pipes using the supplied 10.9 metric hardware. You’ll do this for both the driver and passenger side. This really is a quick installation.

Carefully reinstall your rear O2 sensors into the specialty made extended O2 bung locations. Be sure to screw them in first before reconnecting the harness. It’s always a good idea to use anti seize when reinstalling. Don’t forget the harness!

To recap, here you see the two bolts securing B Pipes to our headers, our 02 sensor which has been reinstalled and our harness which has been reconnected.

Now all that is left is to secure our Berk B pipes to the rest of our exhaust using the supplied hardware just the same way that we did up by the headers. You see the supplied gasket sitting in between the two flanges.

And there you have it. Our beautifully made Berk B Pipes are installed and ready for the road. Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next time on Titan Tutorials.