Nissan Titan Sway Bar End Link Replacement

How To Install Sway Bar End Links On Your Nissan Titan

Hello everyone, in this Titan Tutorials video we’ll be showing you how to change out the sway bar end links on your Nissan Titan.

To remove the end links on your Nissan Titan you’ll need a ¾ wrench, a 17mm wrench, and a 19mm wrench. If you’re replacing the stock end links you will need the 17mm.

We’ll get started on the driver’s side. Grab your ¾ wrench and position it around the bolt of the end link. This will be the part of the end link that’s on the inside of the bracket. This purpose of this wrench is simply to hold the bolt in place while you loosen the nut.

Grab your 17mm wrench and loosen the nut by turning counterclockwise. We broke the nut before filming this video. Make sure to apply plenty of PB blaster ahead of doing this work.

The sway bar end links can be extremely difficult to remove, especially if you’re working with the original part. Take the time and apply the PB blaster. Skipping this will result in a ton of unnecessary headache.

Go ahead and loosen the nut just until it is about to come off the bolt. You don’t have to do it this way, we just find It’s easier to work on the upper section if the bottom is still fastened.

Move to the upper section and work on removing the nut again using the 17mm and ¾ wrench.

Now we can completely remove the bottom nut. We don’t need to save this because our kit comes with two new nuts but here you can see its in relatively good shape.

With the nuts removed we’re free to maneuver our end links out of the bracket. Just takes a little bit of patience.

You can see that these end links are completely shot. The rubber has cracked and there’s virtually no grease left inside. If your end links ever look like this replace them as soon as you can.

Okay, now we’ve moved on to the passenger side and we’ll repeat this process all over again. Grab our ¾ and 17mm wrench and get to work.

Alright, so here we’ve laid out our two new end links along with the old endlinks. The new links are a direct OEM fit replacement that have zircs should we ever need to add grease. You see those here. Up top are the old end links. Again you can see how these end links have completely busted. Let’s get the new end links installed.

He’re starting on the passenger side. You can start on whatever side you want to. Align the bottom bolt with the hole of the bracket and then maneuver the top bolt to align with the sway bar. It will take a small amount of force to get the bolt and sway bar to line up. And we have access to the grease zircs so we’re happy with this placement.

Go ahead and hand tighten the nuts on both the upper and lower bolts of the end link. We only want to hand tighten them so that there is enough play to allow us to place the end link on the other side.

Here on the driver’s side we’ll repeat the process of placing the end link. Get the upper and lower nuts on the bolts and then we can move ahead and tighten them down.

Back on the passenger side we’ll tighten the nuts down to 35ft lbs using a 19mm wrench. That was the spec that came with this particular part.

Yours may be slightly different depending on the manufacturer but it’ll be right around that 35-40 range. Don’t forget to use your ¾ wrench to keep the bolt from spinning as you tighten the nut.

Now we’re free to tighten down the driver’s side and our job is done! That’s all there is to changing the sway bar end links on your Nissan Titan.

You’ll spend most of your time trying to break the nut of the original part. We hope this video helps you on your next install! Thank you for watching and we’ll see you next time for another Titan Tutorials video.