Nissan Titan Exhaust Install – Banks Monster Exhaust

Nissan Titan Exhaust Video Transcript

Hey everyone, thanks for watching this Titan Tutorials video. We’ve going to be installing the Banks Monster Exhaust on a long bed Nissan Titan. We highly recommend that you read the banks installation manual shown here before beginning your install. It’s the absolute best way to ensure you have a clear idea of how this system will be applied to your specific vehicle. We want to give banks a big thank you for sending this awesome product our way. Let’s take a look at this exhaust system.

This is the Y pipe extension with the flange that you will bolt to your catalytic converter or b pipes. Going across you see the Y pipe itself which will bolt to the other cat on the passenger side. Moving down the exhaust you’ll see two intermediate pipes. This is for a long bed application so we need both intermediate pipes which are shipped with the kit. We’ve got our muffler with the banks logo, the front tailpipe and hanger location and the rear tailpipe and its hanger location.

We’ll start by bolting the y pipe to our b pipes using a 16 MM socket. We are using our own hardware here so your measurements may be different. Don’t forget to use the gasket in between the two flanges to create a tight seal.

On the drivers side you’ll see the y pipe extension fastened to our b pipe. This extension will slide into the Y pipe itself. Each pipe nests into the next and is fastened using supplied exhaust clamps.

The exhaust clamps need to be tightened using a 15 mm socket. This WILL be the same measurement for your installation as we are using the supplied hardware here. For the long bed application there are 6 exhaust clamps that will all need to be tightened. Our recommendation is to use a deep 15mm socket when tightening these clamps.

Here’s another look at the exhaust starting from the driver’s side. Here’s the exhaust clamp to the y pipe and the y pipe running up to the b pipe location.

As we move down the y pipe towards the rear of the vehicle you see the y pipe nested into the 1st intermediate pipe. We attach an exhaust clamp and fasten the 15mm nuts to create a tight seal.

Here our 1st intermediate pipe is nested inside the second intermediate pipe. We apply a clamp here as well

What you’re seeing here is the large hanger plate that you’ll need to install. There are 4 bolts here. This plate is used to hold the hanger on the hanger clamp that goes between the intermediate pipes. Again you see the 15mm nuts tightening the clamps.

Here’s another look at the hanger plate. Two bolts attach the rubber hanger to the hanger plate itself.

Another look here. We want to give several angles, so you get a full idea of how this fits together. You see the hanger bar from the clamp slipping into the rubber hanger. The two bolts attaching the rubber hanger to the hanger plate and two bolts attaching the plate to the frame of the vehicle.

We’ve got the 2nd intermediate pipe nested inside the muffler and clamped. At the rear you see the the front tailpipe nested into the muffler and clamped here as well using 15mm nuts.

Moving towards the rear you’ll see the front tailpipe nested in the rear tailplipe and clamped using 15mm nuts as has been the case throughout the installation.

This continues down and out on the passenger side of the vehicle

Starting at the rear of the vehicle you see the exhaust tip clamped to the tailpipe. The rear tailplipe has a hanger location that you see here. We’re going to outline those to give you a good visual of how the system fits together. Heading towards the engine you’ll see the front tailpipe also has a hanger location that sits just to the rear of the muffler. Take a moment to analyze where the hangers are and where the clamps are on this exhaust system.

Here you’re seeing a closeup of that same hanger that we just showed you to the rear of the muffler. You see the clamp connecting the tailpipes, that rear hanger location and the exhaust tip.

All in all this is a great exhaust put out by Banks Power. Again this is the Monster exhaust system for the Nissan Titan. Ours in particular came with the black exhaust tip. This will fit all cab/bed sizes so if you’re vehicle isn’t a long bed you don’t have to worry about that.

At 649 dollars this exhaust system is a great value compared to many other options out there. We hope you’ll choose Banks for your next Titan upgrade and we’ll see you next time at our next Titan Tutorials video.