Nissan Titan Light Bar Install

Light Bar Video Transcript

Hey Everyone, welcome to another Titan Tutorial video. In this video we’re going to show you how to install a light bar inside the bumper grille of your Nissan Titan.

To make things easy and simple, we’ll also remove the main grille from the Titan. This will give us the access that we need to work around the bumper grille. Because we’ve discussed it in a previous video, we won’t be showing the step by step process of removing the main grille.

We’ll be installing a 20 inch light bar from a company called Solco. It’s a 126-watt light bar. As we said before, we’re going to be installing this inside the bumper grille of our vehicle. To do this, we’ll remove the bumper grille, do some very minor fabrication, reinstall the bumper grille, and then mount the light bar.

Let’s go ahead and unbox the contents that Solco sent us and we’ll get right into the installation.

We’ve unboxed the contents from the package we received from Solco. Let’s take a quick look and explain whats going on here.

We’ve got some basic nuts, bolts, and washers. Two mounting brackets. Obviously your 20-inch light bar. And it does come with a wiring harness.

This end is going to go to the positive of your battery, this will go to ground. Here we have an inline fuse. We have a relay that we can mount inside the engine bay. Over here you have the positive and negative female that will go to the light bar. So they’ll go right here. Oddly enough, there’s no male connectors here so we’ll have to take care of that ourselves. And then you have a basic on/off push button switch. Now that we have all of the contents out, and we understand what everything is and where it will go, let’s get this set up. We’ll start by removing the bumper grille from our Titan.

Removing the bumper grille is actually very simple. At the top of the grille are two plastic clips, here and here. And then you’ll need to remove 6 nuts. One on each side, and back behind the bumper grille are 4 nuts. One in each of these 4 locations.

Because we’re going to reinstall this bumper grille with a space for the light bar, we’re going to have to do some very minor fabrication. From the bumper grille, we’re going to remove these pieces here. So we’re going to make a cut here and here to remove this piece. And a cut here and here to remove this piece. So the bumper grille will have a space right here where we’ll be able to slip the light bar in.

You’ll notice that we have a clean cut space for the light bar to go into the bumper grille. We’ve gone ahead and installed the mounting brackets on the light bar. We’re basically going to be installing this light bar upside down into the bumper of our Nissan Titan. In this metal bumper there are two factory drilled holes already.

One of them is going to be here, the other one is right here. This is what we’ve lined up our mounting brackets to fit to. What we’re going to do, is get the light bar lined up in these holes, like you see here, its going to sit flush. We’re going to come around to the backside and tighten this up with a couple of nuts. Those are what’s going to hold this light bar in place.

Let’s get into the backside of this bumper grille here, so you can see where we put the nuts onto the bolts of the light bar. You can see here, that the bolt from the mounting bracket came right through this hole right here. We tightened the nut with a 14mm socket. Just what happened to come with this mounting bracket.

If you come on this side, you’ll see the same thing. So that’s the reason you’ll want to remove the main grille, it just makes the access much easier.

Now that we have the light bar mounted, lets talk about the wiring. Here’s the main power that goes to the light bar, positive and negative. You’ll see it running down here to the light bar. We’ll follow this up and walk through the components again. Here is the relay, which using this tab you can mount on the vehicle. Or what we did, is just attach a small piece of heavy-duty Velcro, and Velcro the relay to the battery. From the relay, you’re going to this inline fuse. And out of the inline fuse is your negative which we connected directly to the battery, and your positive going directly to the battery.

So again, you have the main line from the light bar going to the relay, find somewhere to mount that relay. From the relay you have the inline fuse, positive and negative from the inline fuse. Also from the relay, you have the wire for your on and off switch. This we’ve run across the back of the engine bay here, and down through a hole in the firewall that’s back down in here. And we’ll show you what that looks like from the other side.

Now we’re on the inside of the cab so you can see how we ran this switch. On the backside was some 3m adhesive. This is technically upside down but it’s just push button on and off so that won’t bother us. You’ll see the wire comes down here, past the emergency brake, and down here you’ll see the hole for the firewall. It’s kind of difficult to see. Back here is the hole for the firewall. That’s where we’ll be running the wire for the on/off switch.