Nissan Titan Long Tube Header Install

Hello everyone, welcome back. Today we’re going to show you how to remove and replace the exhaust manifold on your Nissan Titan. We’re making a huge upgrade on this vehicle by installing longtube headers from JBA performance. They have an incredible reputation and we want to give a huge thanks to JBA for sending these our way. These are the 6400 SJT headers, full length with a titanium ceramic coat. So let’s dive right in and get started.

The first thing we want to do is remove the inner fender which is held on by a few screws and rivets

After that you’ll want to spray down the 02 sensor and the exhaust manifold nuts with PB Blaster. Allow the components to soak for as long as possible, preferably 30 minutes to an hour. This will make the removal much easier in the long run and save you from a ton of unnecessary frustration.

Next, remove the connector for the front o2 sensor. There is a tab on the back of the connector that you need to depress in order to remove.

Using an O2 sensor socket, remove the o2 sensor from the exhaust manifold. Gently set the O2 sensor down if you’re wanting to reuse it as they can be extremely fragile.

Next, on the passenger side you need to remove the oil dipstick. There’s a 10mm built holding it in place which can be quickly removed with a 10mm socket.

By pulling straight up you’ll be able to maneuver the dipstick out and place it to the side.

Now, here we are underneath the vehicle on the passenger side. There are two nuts that attach the intermediate pipe to the exhaust manifold. Spray those down with PB plaster and allow them to set. You’ll need to do the same with the O2 sensor as well. Do yourself a favor and don’t skip this step.

Next, we need to loosen and remove those two bolts.

After disconnecting the 02 sensor wire, remove the sensor using your O2 socket.

Repeat that process on the driver’s side. Spray down the two nuts with PB blaster as well as the O2 sensor. Loosen and remove the bolts and unscrew the 02 sensor.

In order to remove the exhaust manifolds, we’re going to have to move the exhaust back a couple of inches. The best way to do this is by using a ratchet strap. Attach one end to the frame and the other end to the exhaust. Ratchet the strap to bring the exhaust back a couple of inches

Back in the engine bay we have to remove the two 17mm bolts that attached the engine mounts to the frame. Using a 17mm socket and a combination of extensions you can reach these bolts from the top of the engine bay. You need to remove the bolts on both the passenger and drivers side.

We also have to remove the 4 bolts that attach the mount to the engine. These are 14mm bolts and you can see all 4 locations here. Do this to both the passenger and drivers side.

After removing those bolts you’ll need to raise the engine a couple of inches using a jackstand and a block of wood such as part of a 2x4. Place the wood on the jack stand and position it underneath the oil pan. The key is to make sure all of the weight will be distributed evenly across the oil pan.

Now we can finally begin removing the bolts that hold the exhaust manifold to the engine. There are 8 bolts for each manifold. Using a combination of extensions, begin removing the nuts from the middle of the manifold and work your way out. Be sure that your socket is completely on the nut or you’ll wind up stripping the nuts which will be an absolute pain to remove. This is going to take some creativity, as you’ll need to use different angles and extensions to get to each nut.

After removing all 8 nuts, the exhaust manifold can be maneuvered off of the bolts, down and out of the engine bay.

Here you can see the new manifold gaskets. Now just repeat the installation process in reverse by installing the new headers and tightening the 8 bolts. Replace the engine mount bolts and reattach the dipstick.

Back underneath the vehicle we can reattach the rest of the exhaust to our new long tube headers and our install will be complete. You can see the headers going up into the engine bay and the new hardware used to attach the exhaust. We really hope this video helped you with your own long tube header install and we look forward to seeing you next time for another titan tutorials video.