Our Favorite Features Of The 2020 Nissan Titan Pro-4x

Why We Love The 2020 Nissan Titan Pro-4x


The Pro-4x has been the Nissan Titan's off-road inspired trim level since the vehicle was first introduced in 2004. The Pro-4x is only available in a 4x4, as its name would suggest. It is available in both the King Cab and Crew Cab models. With all the upgrades, the Titan stands out and is the truck of choice for worksites and off-road adventures. To make off-road adventures more exciting, the 2020 Pro-4x has been equipped with unique safety, technology, and performance features. Here are our favorite 2020 Nissan Titan Pro-4x features, safety specifications, and interior tweaks:


  • Bilstein Off-road Performance Shocks

The Bilstein shocks are a welcome upgrade for anyone who plans on taking their Nissan Titan Pro-4x off-road. The stock shocks standard on other trim packages would lead to an uncomfortable ride. The Bilstein shocks are also a careful adjustment from the Rancho shocks that Nissan previously used on its Pro-4x Titan. The shock absorber ensures a comfortable ride with excellent handling and control. The Bilstein shocks dampen the imperfections of rough and bumpy roads. Coupled with other safety measures mentioned ahead, the 2020 Titan ensures driver and truck safety on muddy, rock, icy, snowy, and uneven terrains. Check out our article about Bilstein shocks for the Nissan Titan for an in depth look at why Bilstein has won the love of Titan owners.

  • Hill-start and Hill Descent Control

Hill-start and hill descent control are safety measurement features in the 2020 Nissan Titan while the vehicle is going downhill. Hill-start assist prevents the truck from rolling backward on steep hills. Hill descent system reduces the driver workload while going down steep hills. By applying the brakes, the driver can maintain speed and brake pressure while descending.

  • Electronic Locking Rear Differential

As mentioned before, the 2020 Titan is apt for off-road drives. Another safety feature is that of Electronic Locking Rear Differential. This system can help provide support and traction if the vehicle is stuck or is in danger of getting stuck. When activated, it electronically locks the two rear drive wheels together, allowing them to turn at the same speed.  The rear differential is available in the standard Pro-4x trim level

  • 4-wheel ABLS

4-wheel ABLS (Active Brake Limited Slip) prevents any wheel from slipping. The ABLS gets activated whenever a wheel starts to slip and automatically brakes that wheel/wheels. Additional traction power is sent to the wheels which are under control. A big truck like The Titan needs such safety measures, especially since the Titan is taken for off-road rides where slipping is a potential danger.

  • LED Headlights and Fog-lights

Next are the LED headlights and the fog-lights. Nissan has finally moved the Titan over to LED headlights. The previous year's model featured standard halogen bulbs, which left much to be desired. Because of that choice, an entire slew of aftermarket Nissan Titan headlights emerged. The goal was to upgrade the headlights to LEDs, which are both brighter and more reliable. Luckily, in 2020 the Nissan Titan comes standard with LEDs. Compared to the previous models, these new headlights give off 120% more light output on low-beam, enhancing the view of the road ahead and on the sides. The LED fog-lights provide 15 degrees more visibility on both sides of the front end of Titan. High beam assist allows the driver to keep the high beam on, without blinding fellow drivers or pedestrians. The 2020 Titan does have a facelift, and the new design of the LED lights compliments the matte black grilles and red accents.

  • All-terrain tires

The P275/70R18 all-terrain tires of Titan Pro-4x are designed to be versatile. On-road drives in the city or on the highway are smooth and comfortable. Off-road adventures need safety, and the Titan's all-terrain tires provide the traction required for a safe ride. These tires grip the uneven ground, keeping the truck steady on muddy, rocky, and even icy surfaces.

  • Transfer Case Skid Plates

Transfer Case skid plates are an additional feature of the 2020 Titan. The skid plates are made out of robust and durable steel and protect the vehicle's essential components in the undercarriage, including the radiator and transmission. Moreover, there is an additional skid plate to protect the transfer case. In every gear, the transfer case ensures maximum power distribution. The torque in hence equally distributed on both ends. The transfer case provides a safe 4-wheel drive when traction is needed on uneven surfaces. Together, the skid plates protect the vehicle and its components and ensure driver safety on dangerous terrains.

  • Traffic Sign Recognition

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) system equips the driver with information about the most recently detected speed limit. A multi-sensing front camera unit captures the road sign information and displays it in the information display. The TSR system works with the navigation system to gather road sign information effectively.

  • Factory Applied Spray-On Bedliner

Factory Applied Spray-On Bedliner gives the driver with the best quality product. The Bedliner is actually a high-density polyethylene, which offers a non-slip surface, protecting the truck bed and the cargo. Rusting is also prevented because of the high-rib design. The Titan has excellent durability and is meant to be used for many years. Some jobs even require rough usage of the truck, and the Bedliner allows long term usage of the Titan without wearing it down.

  • Dual Panel Panoramic Moonroof

Dual panel panoramic moonroof is an optional package. Driving should be a luxurious experience, and drivers opting for the moonroof can enjoy this additional luxury. The moonroof brightens the interior of the truck and gives the rear passengers a more beautiful view. On long trips, the moonroof provides a sense of openness and gives a natural air conditioning effect and good ventilation.

  • Infotainment

With ever-evolving technology, cars are also needed to be equipped with smart technology. The NissanConnect 9" touch-screen display is a user friendly infotainment system. It has Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, USB ports, Satellite Radio, and a six speaker stereo. The vehicle can also include a rear seat infotainment system. It includes two monitors, a remote, and two wireless headphones. Headphone jack, USB port, and HDMI ports are also available in the rear infotainment system. The Titan also features an upgraded Fender audio system.

  • Titan’s Interior

The 2020 Nissan Titan's interior is a tranquil and comfortable luxury. The "zero-gravity" front and rear seats make both typical commutes and off-road drives more enjoyable. The driver's seat has eight different adjustment options with power lumbar support. There is also the option of heating and ventilating the front and rear seats. Overall, the Titan is a spacious car with ample leg space and plenty of storage options. The durable and high-quality leather and open-pore wood interior accents enhance the Titan's inside look. Though the customization options are a bit limited, the standard 2020 Titan truck provides ample interior features and is good enough in the price range.


The 2020 Nissan Titan Pro-4x is the most dependable and robust version to date. The truck can survive any terrain and any weather conditions. The safety features, including the Bilstein shocks, electronic locking rear differentials, skid plate, and hill descent control, have made The Titan into an off-road beast. The comfortable interior, the easy-to-use infotainment unit, and the moonroof contribute to the Titan's upgraded look. The pro-4x trim starts right under $50,000 and is a competitive pick-up truck, with a lot of promised potential. The 9-speed automatic transmission is one of the highlights of this truck, delivering quick and smooth gear shifts.

Nissan promises that the Titan will be able to pull off the maximum workload put on the car since the majority of drivers do not utilize trucks to their full potential. The Titan is an off-road-oriented truck, and its immediate competitor is the Ram Rebel. The Titan has focused a lot of driver and car safety while designing the truck with precision.

The Titan beats its competitors in terms of warranty; it has a five year 100,000 mile warranty whereas most trucks have a three year 36,000 mile warranty. Such a warranty is industry-leading and gives the drivers the peace of mind knowing that their Titan is covered for five years. Nissan has done a fine job bringing the refreshed 2020 Titan into the competition and is worth its value. It is a versatile, durable, and stable pick-up truck capable of making standard commutes and off-road trips exciting, enjoyable, and memorable.