You want a smooth ride in your truck. You don't want to feel every bump as you go down the road or when you go off road for that matter. Adding some additions to the suspension of your Nissan Titan will do wonders for the drive. We want to help you decide which options would be right for you and what would make the biggest impact to your Titan owning experience.

Things to know about your Truck’s Suspension System

Most of us buy a vehicle and drive it without knowing anything about its parts. The manufacturers have made it in a way that it performs well on the road and gives you a smooth ride regardless of the road that you are on. One of the main parts of the vehicle includes the suspension system. It is the part that evens out the shock that your vehicle gets from bumps on an uneven road. It also protects your vehicle's engine from the damages that it may have felt.

The suspension part of your vehicle helps in protecting you and the other passengers. It takes in the energy that is produced during the shock of a ride and distributes it in the springs. This gives the driver and the other riders a smooth ride when they are in the vehicle. If you start feeling the bumps then you should check the springs and struts as they may have worn out. If you own a Nissan Titan then you can search for Nissan Titan suspension parts to get more information about the parts that will fit your vehicle. Some bigger and heavier vehicles have something called Torsion bars which help to maintain the vehicle’s balance when it is taking a turn. The tires are also important of the suspension system. A tattered tire may hinder the work on the whole suspension system and may result in a bad ride.

How to maintain the suspension system?

As a driver, there isn’t much that you can actually do to maintain the suspension system except for taking appropriate care for it. The best way to maintain it is by keeping proper care of your vehicle and getting it checked by the mechanic on a routine basis. But still you can do these things:

  • Inflate your tires properly and keep them inflated whenever you are driving. If you drive badly inflated tires for a long time they may wear in the wrong way. This will disrupt the suspension system. Also, rotate your tires from time to time so that it is even on the wear and tear part. Adjust your wheels regularly and keep an eye on them.
  • If you hear sounds or feel odd while on the road then there can be damage in the suspension parts. The shock absorbing springs may often wear down over time due to the usage of the vehicle. You may also hear a rattling sound if a strut is dislodged.


Immediately take it to a mechanic if you feel these problems.

Modifying the Suspension System:

If you are driving a Nissan Titan then you may need additional help from the suspension system. These vehicles need a suspension lift or other modifications if you want to drive them on more rugged roads. So, let us learn a bit more about them.

Suspension lifts: The main purpose of the suspension life is to lift the vehicle higher than the actual design of the vehicle. It creates more distance between the vehicle and the road. It brings a change to the look because of the lifted appearance and the bigger tires that one needs to install. The suspension lifts come in a whole kit that a person needs to attach to their vehicle. It is best to hire a professional to do this job. People who are in rugged terrain use the lift function to get a smoother ride and also to save their vehicle from potential damages that they can face on the road. On a Nissan Titan, a 3 inch or a 6-inch suspension lift is common. But some vehicle drivers take it to 18 inches on their vehicles. To find suspension lifts check out a few of our recommend products or search Google for “suspension lift Nissan Titan” for various results.

Levelling Kits: Another popular way to lift up the vehicle is through levelling kits. These kits are installed in the front part of the vehicle to add about 2 inches to 3 inches of lift to the vehicle. They are quite inexpensive and easier to apply that the suspension kits. The main purpose is to create an equal balance between the front and the back of the vehicle. It also helps the driver to install larger tires on their vehicles. You may also attach spacer blockers to the rear leaf springs to have that additional lifted look.

Shock Kit: If you do not want to spend loads of money on suspension lifts can also opt for shock kits. They are easy to install and give you at least 2 inches of lift. They are available for the rear part as well where they can provide 1 inches of lift. The additional shock system will definitely provide a smooth ride even on a very bumpy road.

When you install a lift modification to your Nissan Titian always do your research. Bigger modifications can easily eat up a lot of fuel. Check the specifications before placing an order. Another important thing is to get the mods installed by a professional. Amateur work on the vehicle can cost your life if the lift kit isn’t placed properly.