Top 10 Dog Friendly Truck Accessories

Our Expert Picks for Man's Best Friend

1. Winner Outfitters Dog Seat Cover

If you've ever tried to bring your car on a ride in the truck before, one of the first things you're bound to notice is the mess they can easily make. Whether it's from getting dirty outside or simply shedding from the heat, your dog can quickly turn your backseat into a disaster.

This is where the Winner Outfitters dog seat cover comes in. As you're probably familiar with, traditional seat covers are really only suited for human use. They tend to be a thin, stretchy cloth that only covers the seat itself. With a dog, though, you need something much more substantial. This dog seat cover connects to the back of your front row headsets and the back row headsets, creating a "U" shape in the back of your car.

This means that the entirety of your back seat area is covered while also keeping your pet from wandering around in between the seats. It's waterproof and non-slip as well, so it can handle a healthy amount of abuse from your dog before it lets anything affect the seats underneath.

2. Vastar Seat Belt Safety Lead

The Vastar seat belt lead is an innovative solution to another obvious challenge of traveling with your pet: getting them to stay put! One of the most dangerous things that can happen while you're driving around with your pooch is having them clamber over you in the middle of the freeway. Without realizing it, they can block your vision, move your arms around, and pose a serious distraction.

The clear solution is to restrict your pet's movements, but how? A kennel can take up a serious amount of space, and it isn't much fun for ole Spot when going on a long drive. The Vastar seat belt safety lead solves this issue by using the truck to your advantage.

It's a typical lead that you would walk your dog with, except instead of having a handle on the end, it has a seat belt buckle. This allows you to "buckle" your dog in while you're going on a drive, keeping them secure and your eyes on the road. The lead is made from durable material and the buckle is extremely secure, so the odds of your dog escaping it during a drive are very slim.

3. Solvit Pet Ramp

An issue that is a little less common - but still extremely important - is the challenge of getting your pet in and out of the car. If your truck isn't too high off of the ground and your dog is still young and nimble, this likely isn't an issue at all; you just open the truck door and they can hop in and out as they please.

As our dogs age, though, this becomes less and less easy for them to do. This is especially true if your dog has struggled with any kind of conditions that impair their range of motion, like arthritis or past injuries. Just because your dog has a hard time getting in and out of the vehicle on their own, though, doesn't mean they shouldn't get to go on road trips with you!

The Solvit pet ramp is a simple but effective solution to this problem. As the name implies, it's a ramp that attaches to the back of your vehicle, allowing your pet to walk in and out of your truck without having to jump or climb. This ramp weighs just 10lbs but is capable of supporting up to 150lbs, making easy to store and use with just about any dog.

4. Petsfit Booster Seat

For bigger dogs, the back seat area of your truck is going to be the best place for them to be while traveling. Anything else simply doesn't have enough space to accommodate them safely. Smaller dogs, however, are a completely different story. If you have a dog that's on the smaller side, maybe even a medium-sized dog, this next product is for you and your pet.

The Petsfit booster seat a little over two feet long and almost a foot and a half wide, making it the perfect size for a row of backseats. It's a bin of sorts that allows your dog to ride in the back securely and comfortably, without the need for seat covers or external restraints.

It's covered in a removable plush liner, which keeps your pet comfortable while also being easy to clean. It comes with a single leash to secure your pet, though it can support holding two dogs if they're on the smaller side. It straps in using the seatbelts in the back of your truck, which keeps it stable during your travels.

5. Kurgo Auto Grass

The Kurgo Auto Grass is an interesting solution to a common problem when traveling with pets. Even if your dog doesn't climb into the driver's seat with you, just having them stand on the center console with their front legs can seriously impact your visibility and ability to focus. They can inadvertently block your rearview mirror as well as block your sight lines out of the back windows.

This creates extra blindspots, which your truck likely already has enough of. The Kurgo Auto Grass is designed to keep your pet off of the console in a stylish, quirky way that doesn't involve placing a full barrier in between you and the back of your cab. It's a patch of "grass" that straps onto your center console, discouraging them from climbing on top of it while you are driving.

It's 8.5" by 10", making it a pretty universal fit for most vehicles out there. It also includes a lifetime no-hassle guarantee, so there's no risk in purchasing it. It's made out of soft yet durable plastic, so you can still place things like your phone on it while keeping your dog at bay.

6. Esky License Plate Backup Camera

The Esky license plate backup camera is a product that goes beyond traveling in your truck with your dog - though it is extremely helpful for that as well. While you more than likely have the hang of backing up in your truck by now, it can still be a risky maneuver, especially in tight spaces. Throw a dog in the back seat, and it can be even trickier.

This backup camera is great because it looks just like any other license plate cover. It's dust and waterproof, so no matter the weather or your location, you'll have a clear view while using this camera. It provides you with 170 degrees of vision, making it much safer than the standard rearview mirror.

This backup camera also has 7 LED lights, so you'll be able to safely reverse your truck even at night. This product is great for pet owners for a bunch of reasons, though two, in particular, stand out.

One, your pet is likely to inadvertently block your view, or things you use to travel with them - like a kennel - could also obscure your view. And two, when traveling with your pet, they may end up running around behind your vehicle without you realizing it, which can have disastrous consequences. This solves each of those problems in an easy and reliable way.

7. Zookeeper Auto Pet Barrier

Let's revisit one of the core challenges of traveling with an animal: keeping them out of your way. We all love our pets - that's why we want to bring them along on adventures with us - but for the most part, they are not nearly as road-behaved as we are. Traveling with certain dogs can be like driving around with a toddler on Legendary difficulty - it's tough, to say the least.

That's where the Zookeeper auto pet barrier comes in. It's a simple idea; place a physical barrier in between you and the dog while you're driving. Unlike the more subtle Kurgo Auto Grass, this product physically prevents your dog from getting into your business while you are driving.

It attaches to the back of your two front seats, leaving a few bars of steel between you and your pet. This gives you the peace of mind that no matter what, your pet won't be able to interfere with you while you are cruising down the freeway.

8. BWOGUE Headrest Restraint

If having a cab-style barrier between you and your pet isn't your thing, you can always go with the BWOGUE headrest restraint. As the name implies, it's a simple leash that fastens around the headrests of your backseats, keeping your dog sitting tight while you drive through the Everglades. It comes in a two pack as well so you can bring Fido and his buddy along when going on a road trip.

Part of what makes this product so great is that it works with such a wide variety of dogs. It's easy to adjust, so matter how big or small your dog is, it should be able to hold them steady with no issues. It also helps if your dog has a harness, as this will keep them more secure than the typical collar, which they might be able to slip out of during a long drive.

This leash is super durable so your dog will have a hard time chewing through it, if that happens to be their wont. This lead can also be used outside of your truck as a regular leash, so you can still get plenty of use out of it even when you aren't driving. One less thing to pack on your cross country adventure!

9. Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

One of the drawbacks of traveling with your dog that no one likes to mention is the pet hair! The sad reality is that dogs of all different breeds shed hair like crazy, especially in the warmer months - though most breeds shed all year round. Yikes. This is problematic enough in your house, but move this issue into a small, difficult to clean space like your truck, and keeping it clean can seem impossible.

The truth is that even the best seat covers can't save your truck from dog hair completely. Hair drifts, glides, and slides into all of the nooks and crannies of your car. Not to mention your own clothes and belongings, which can leave you looking more like your pet than your pet's owner.

Fortunately, the engineers at Gonzo have been working towards solving this issue for the past millennia, and have finally come up with a reliable solution to this ancient vexation. This pet hair sponge easily lifts pet hair from just about any surface, no water or cleaner necessary! It makes keeping the interior of your vehicle clean easy-breezy.

10. MOSO Natural Air Purifier

Last but certainly not least we have the MOSO natural air purifier. For the most part, dogs stink. Like it or not, they just do. This is especially true if you're going to be bringing your dog on a hiking trip, hunting expedition, or lengthy jog. All of these things are going to result in your dog getting sweaty and - if they have a tendency towards playing in the dirt/water - nasty.

A seat cover can keep the mess off of your truck's interior, but it can't stop the smell of sweaty dog from seeping into your vehicle. It's sad but true; traveling with your dog can spread a foulness throughout your truck. And since our vehicles are pretty airtight containers that sit in the sun, well, let's just say that if you don't get rid of that smell, it will get rid of you.

Fortunately, the MOSO natural air purifier is here to the rescue! It uses bamboo charcoal to naturally lift odors from your vehicle over time, unlike an air freshener that only covers it up temporarily. It uses the natural deodorizing properties of charcoal to trap and remove smells from your truck, allowing you, your dog, and your nose to travel in peace.