Top 3 Most Useful Nissan Titan Track System Accessories

Owning a truck has many advantages, but perhaps the most obvious reason a truck is a better option than other vehicles, for many users, is the truck’s bed. The truck bed allows you to haul more cargo and access it with ease.

Although a truck bed is a great place to haul your cargo, you still need to control for inertia. When you’re driving the objects in you truck bed tend to slide when going around curves, taking off, and stopping. Tie down straps are a great way to secure your cargo, but there are also other accessories you can add to your truck bed which allow you to secure your cargo and even carry it more efficiently.

Some trucks come with track systems in the bed. A track system is a great addition to the bed because it allows for easy securing of cargo with straps. But track systems also allow for additional accessories to be added to your truck bed. If your Nissan Titan has a track system in its bed, or you plan to install one, keep reading for our top 3 picks for the most useful Nissan Titan track system accessories.

What is a Track System?

Before we get to the track system accessories, you may be wondering exactly what a track system is. The terminology may be different depending on the brand of truck to which you’re referring. Some manufacturers refer to them as cargo management systems or utility rail systems. However, “track system” is the proper terminology when referring to the Nissan Titan.

These systems are rails that are attached to the inside of the bed of the truck just below the top portion. They run the length of the truck bed. These rails have sliding mechanisms which give the user more flexibility when installing accessories along the length of the rail system. This allows for installation of simple accessories like tie-down cleats as well as larger accessories that we discuss below.

3 of the Most Useful Track System Accessories

There are a number of accessories you can add to your truck bed with ease if you have a track system. Some are for specific uses like bicycle racks, but there are some that have multipurpose functions which we are about to discuss.

  1. Sliding Bed Divider

A bed divider allows you to separate sections of your truck bed. A bed divider functions like a gate that stretches from one side of your truck bed to the other. It can be a great way to keep your cargo secure as well as separate some cargo from other cargo.

As mentioned earlier, track systems have a sliding mechanism that allows you to adjust precisely where you want your accessories. This makes a bed divider that is compatible with track system a great choice because it allows you to easily slide the bed divider from one end to the other without taking it apart or reinstalling it. For an idea of what these products might look like, check out this sliding bed divider on Amazon.

  1. Truck Bed Toolbox

The truck bed toolbox is a great way to carry the tools you need whether they are for your specific occupation or just general tools that you routinely find yourself needing. It’s great to have a good toolbox in the garage, but how often have you been away from home and needed a ratchet and a good set of sockets? With a high quality truck bed toolbox, you always have what you need right there in the back of your Titan.

There are several different types of truck bed toolboxes, but much like the truck bed divider discussed above, a track system can give you more convenient options. So when you decide to add a toolbox to your truck bed or upgrade the one you already have, consider your track system when shopping for the perfect one for you.

  1. Bed Rail Rack Systems

The third accessory on the list is a bed rail rack system. These accessories attach to your truck’s track system and then extend vertically to approximately the height of the truck’s cab and then extend across the bed in a bridge-like manner. One attaches to the front end of your truck bed and the other attaches to the rear. Check out this one on Amazon that was designed specifically for the Nissan Titan. Another option is this great product from Thule.

This accessory may offer a more universal use of the 3 on this list. You can use these for many different things. These racks allow you to haul many different large objects. One popular use for this type of accessory is hauling kayaks or canoes, but these racks provide many different functions.