Top 10 Must Have Pick Up Truck Accessories 2019

Whether you're a long time truck owner or just snagged your first pick up, outfitting your truck with new accessories and features is half the fun of owning one. It sets you apart on the road while also providing you with more utility from your vehicle. In this article, we'll cover the top ten accessories available to truck owners in 2019. Click the headings or the pictures to view more about the products!

The UnderCover SwingCase storage box is a unique toolbox solution for your truck bed. Having a toolbox or three in the back of your truck can significantly limit the amount of storage you have. Not only that, but they slide around during driving, jumbling the contents and making it harder to get to the tools you want.

Enter the UnderCover SwingCase. It's a lockable toolbox that fits into the sides of your truck bed, right over the fenders. It attaches to the sides of the bed with heavy-duty bolts and hinges. So unlike a standard toolbox, it won't slide around or be vulnerable to thieves. It increases your storage capabilities without taking up unnecessary space.

The only real drawback to this storage case is the lack of customization. It should fit all any kind of truck bed, though it will definitely fit some better than others. All in all, though, it's a great way to always have your tools on you without cluttering your storage capacity.

The ECOTRIC hitch extender is the universal solution to a common need among truck drivers. One of the most frustrating experiences is loading up the back of your truck and realizing you don't have enough room. Whether it's lumber, a kayak, or any other kind of haul, it doesn't take much to max out your truck's storage.

This is where the ECOTRIC hitch extender excels. It's a field goal like attachment that bolts securely onto your truck's hitch. It extends farther than your open tailgate, creating a reasonably sized rack that can hold longer materials safely and easily. It's capable of carrying up to 750lbs and includes a safety flag for when you're carrying longer loads.

According to some reviews, the product sometimes arrives with the predrilled holes being maligned. In these instances, a simple return and replacement should fix the problem. Other than that, it's a great product at a much more affordable price than other custom truck bed extenders.

Speaking of classic liners, the WeatherTech floor liners are known for being the best around. Customized to fit any truck out there, these liners will protect your truck floors from a lifetime of abuse. If you've ever used the standard, rubber floor mats to protect your truck's interior, you'll notice a vast improvement when using these.

For one thing, they have a unique shape that traps dirt and debris, keeping your carpets as clean as possible. They're also insanely durable. You'll notice that they are much thicker and more rigid than your standard floor mat. You can confidently load tools and materials on top of these mats and step on them in dirty work boots.

The only downside to these mats is that because of their dirt, fluid, and debris trapping shape, it can sometimes be a little difficult to clean them. But so long as you're not having to take them in and out of your truck too often, these can be a real lifesaver.

The BedRug full bed liner is a classic, must-have accessory for any pickup truck. It's a rugged, weatherproof liner made from a carpet material. BedRug offers several different versions of this product, all suited to a specific kind of truck bed. So no matter what truck you drive, you're likely to find a custom fit from this liner manufacturer.

Aside from the fact that this product is a perfect fit, it's also extremely durable. Regardless of what kind of cargo you're carrying, you shouldn't have any issues with it being torn through or damaged. It's also liquid and chemical resistant, so you can carry materials like oil and bleach in your bed without worry. The water-resistant liner will allow liquids to run off of the surface and through the zippered areas of the liner.

This product is one of the best out there for sure. The soft surface will be gentle on your cargo, without compromising build quality or longevity.

If you find yourself constantly digging around for things and adding new clutter to the back of your truck, the Trunkcratepro trunk organizer is likely the solution you've been missing. It's a sleek, heavy-duty crate with plenty of storage and organization. It's made from a combination of high-quality polyester, PVC mesh, and a stiff base. All of these things set it apart from the flimsier competition.

The inside of this organizer is full of dividers and compartments. These compartments come in a variety of sizes for whatever your storage needs are. And not only that, but they're also customizable. You can move the walls and sliders around to suit your storage needs. The outside of this container is also lined with convenient pockets that can be used to carry bottles and other smaller items.

The bottom of the container is also waterproof, so it'll protect your vehicle from any accidental spills. And when you're not using it, it's easily collapsible design makes it simple to remove and store. The only drawback is that it could be a little on the smaller sides, depending on your needs, so be sure to check the dimensions before purchasing.

If you do any kind of work or outdoor activities at night, then you know what a pain it can be to fish around in your truck bed when the stars are out. That's where these truck bed LED lights really shine (pun intended). These lights fit up under the upper lip of your truck bed, shining light down onto the insides of your bed. This makes it easier to retrieve fishing poles, dig through tool boxes, and otherwise work in the dark.

These LED lights come in eight sections that all connect with one another. Each of these sections has about two feet of wire in between them, making for pretty even lighting. They then connect to your battery and can be controlled with an included on and off switch. They're weather resistant as well and should hold up against any conditions. They can be attached to your truck bed with screws or adhesives, both of which are included.

There are a few downsides to the product, mostly regarding how bright the lights are. Some customers report that the lights are a little dim, while others say that the hue is a little purple. Fortunately, this seller offers great customer support, so if you do run into any issues with your order, getting the product replaced shouldn't be a problem!

If you or your family members ever have any trouble getting into your truck, these side steps are a great way to help. They're a good middle ground solution between no steps at all and full on running boards. The Bully side steps are made from a single piece of aluminum metal, allowing them to support up to 350lbs. They're also a universal fit, so regardless of what model of truck you own, you should be able to benefit from these steps.

The biggest thing these steps have going for them is how simple and rugged they are. They do require a bit of drilling to install. Even still, it shouldn't take most longer than a few minutes to get these steps up and running. The total width of each step is 9.5", with 6.5" of step room. This, coupled with their extremely solid construction, makes them a safe and non-intrusive addition to your truck.

Keep in mind that they are designed to fit most vehicles; not every truck will have an easy way to mount them. Check their compatibility before making a final purchase. The other main drawback is that the paint wears off over time, so they won't stay their sleek, black color forever. Other than that, though, if you have a compatible truck that's in need of steps, these are a simple and durable solution.

Making our way back into the interior, the Big Ant waterproof seat covers are some of the best universal covers out there. They fit just about any vehicle and provide ample protection for your truck's interior. These covers are made from a durable, water-resistant PU leather. They'll keep your car safe, and look good while doing it.

Not only do they look good, but they feel good, too. They're soft and durable on the outside, while the inside has a rubber lining that prevents them from slipping and sliding during use. They're easy to clean, so if you ever bring pets or children along with you, you won't have to worry about your truck's interior.

They attach underneath your seat and around buckle around the headrest, making for a secure hold; you put them on once, and never have to worry about them again. The best thing about these covers is how well they repel liquids. If you're prone to spills in the car, these covers will keep you safe. All in all, whether you're looking for style or protection, these covers have you, well, covered.

Tyger is known for making some of the most durable slick looking truck accessories out there. Their extremely popular line of truck bed tonneau covers is no exception to their reputation. They come in a variety of sizes and variations, making them a great fit for most truck owners. They look solid on top, and provide you the protection of a static cover; however, they can also be rolled up with little effort.

Rolling them up not only gives you easy access to the contents of your truck bed, but it also increases your storage capacity when you need it. This makes it a much more versatile solution than your average truck bed cover. It's made from a tear-resistant vinyl, so you can use it with the utmost confidence. It's weather tight, keeping your belongings dry and safe.

The installation is easy and doesn't require any drilling. The only drawback to this product is that if the fit isn't completely snug, truck owners may still experience water leakage during heavy rain. Other than that, though, this is one of the simplest and best truck bed covers you can get.

Speaking of steps, the Traxion truck bed ladder can be a big help for those constantly climbing in and out of the back of their truck. The older you get, the harder it becomes to throw yourself into the back and grab what you need. This is especially true if you use your truck to haul things on a regular basis. The Traxion ladder can save your knees back most of the struggle of getting into your truck bed.

It attaches to your tailgate with a secure hinge. This hinge makes it so that when not in use, you can easily fold the ladder out of your way. When extended, it rests securely on the ground, making it easy to get in and out of the back of your truck, regardless of your height. It has an easy installation and is capable of supporting up to 300lbs.

The most common issue that customers have with this product is that it's a little prone to rusting. To prevent this, you can coat it with a rust proof coating, which is sure to keep it looking nice for as long as possible. Other than that, as long as you install it properly you should be able to get a lot of use out of this step ladder.